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Electricity Hand: La Mano Poderosa

Electricity Hand invites changes of power and structure between what we make and the hands and bodies that we make things with. I love that our bodies and minds flow with bursts of electricity that light up our neurons and muscles as we move and create. This painting plays with ideas and metaphors surrounding creativity, power, light, movement, art, and the skeletons that support it all. Inherent in images of skeletal structure are all our visual connotations of death, which might seem so opposite and terrible, but to me adds beauty in the wholeness of meaning. Recent experiences of death close to me has only reinforced this, the sadness in the wholeness of life, and the capacity of a work to hold deep meanings of life and death in the same imagery. La Mano Poderosa literally translates as “the Powerful Hand” and has deep traditional and religious associations in Spanish.

12" x 24"


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