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About me

Painting, Sculpture, Mulitmedia Arts, Costume Design...

"Through our interior selves we experience the exterior world."

I am most successful in my art work when viewers participate in creating new landscapes and meanings within them, seeing their own new stories. My pieces are paintings, murals, sculptures, creative experiences, and costumes. I came to costume design and creation secondarily to drawing and painting, and it holds a parallel of intention: the design of color, silhouette, materials exist to tell a story. Costumes “paint” the actors and story to the eye, and then the “painting” moves on its own, with every actor contributing their experience to the cohesive whole. When people looking at my paintings find new worlds inside, they unfold mythologies and archetypes inspired by everyday life and our collective unconscious.

The mix of collage and oil paint is a way for me to assemble an idea out of disparate parts, partly expressed in its process. I appreciate rough, cut edges, the physicality of different papers, the build-up of oil paint strokes and ridges, and also the smooth realism of photos, incorporated into painting, painted over, enveloped by paint. I want to celebrate the interaction of our physicality and our abstract ideas. Our interior structures and workings make the universe of our lives possible, are miracles of life, are inspiration for myths and meanings.

Life is a mixed media collage/remix, putting the pieces together as we can. Death is a constant counterpoint in my work, whether mysterious, frightening, friendly, or loving and nostalgic. Death is our defining mystery of transformation. All collisions and re-creations crackle with energy, describable in physics equations, spiritual revelations, physical sensations, remixed music- and visible to the eye and soul through art.

My work has been part of gallery exhibits, digital displays and art fairs in Seattle and local areas, New York City, Art Basel Miami, and won commendations in international competitions. Some pieces have been projected onto buildings in Long Island City and Times Square, NY, within art events and outdoor sculpture event installations.

Emily Painting - About My Art Work


  • Special Recognition for Humanity Fish, 4th Annual International “All Women” Art Exhibition & Competition, March 2015, Light Space & Time Gallery Online.
  • First Edition Member Artist Card Deck 2014, Center for Contemporary Art Seattle, a detail from "Mystery of the Human Heart" is on the “Ace of Hearts” card.
  • Special Recognition for Water City, 4th Annual International “CityScapes” Art Exhibition & Competition, March 2014, Light Space & Time Gallery Online.


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