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Navigation explores how we travel, outwards and inwards at the same time. To navigate is to find one's way. The painting mirrors rivers with veins and arteries, the waterways of the world with the bloodstream and heart inside us. Our blood and body fluids have the same salt content as salt water- we carry our ancestral ocean around inside. The silhouetted woman stands for all people, how we travel through the world and in our thoughts across all the possible meanings of "finding your way." In her brain sits an astrolabe, a historical tool to measure the altitude of stars above the horizon, which pilots used to steer their ships across night and open water by the position of the constellations. At her heart is a globe and a tiny ship secret and enclosed in a bottle. She might keep it tight forever, or she might throw it to the waves as a message for someone to find washed up on a faraway beach. At her energy center stands an ancient goddess figure, fertility, creativity, power. Outside the body, cities, rivers, oceans and storm tossed ships are an uncertain world.

12" x 24"


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