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Hunting for the Right Words Series – Wolf Spider (Arctosa littoralis)

This Wolf Spider is hunting over a field of collaged book pages, through a storm of electrical currents. Her stripes are high contrast in the glare; not all Wolf Spiders have noticeable stripes. Wolf Spiders do not spin webs, they actively prowl. They have a primary set of eyes in front for the hunt, with supplementary eyes around the sides and farther up their heads. Not all spiders have good vision, but this Wolf Spider is devouring each word she reads.

Hunting for the Right Words is a series exploring how we spin our typed/written words into webs. Using physical book pages as background collage, the series incorporate imagery of USB cables, power strips, and other internet interaction around metaphor-portraits of individual spider species. So do we spin words together and pounce upon them, or throw them like weapons.

8" x 8"


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