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Sculpture – Library Spirits & Honoring Dia de los Muertos Traditions

Library Spirits Sculpture

Books that capture our imagination have an energy, or spirit, that infuses the pages like an aura, a tea or perfume. The physical nature of books — covers, pages, printed ink, are precious like bones and flesh. These simple little sculptures are made of book pages, paper maché, wood, and a few book covers. Each sculpture seeks to animate a book spirit. Books ride through time independently of their characters and authors’ deaths, whose presences continue with us. A beloved character may seem very real to an avid reader, living with them like a ghost. “Animal spirits” means different things to different people in their own contexts; resonating through the many animals figures, covered with pages and words. An old, battered book retains a magical aspect — I refigure their papery bones into dimensional shapes.

Library Spirits

Library Spirits

Library Spirits - Songbird - Sculpture

Library Spirits - Songbird

Library Spirits - Hummingbird - Sculpture

Library Spirits - Hummingbird

Library Spirits - Horse - Sculpture

Library Spirits - Horse

Library Spirits - Ghosts

Library Spirits - Ghosts

Library Spirits - Ghost - Sculpture

Library Spirits - Ghost

Library Spirits - Songbird 2 - Sculpture

Library Spirits - Songbird 2

Honoring Dia de los Muertos Traditions

Making this homage to Mexican Day of the Dead art traditions is a celebration of the continuity of humanity through our mortality. These little altar/scenes are my contributions as sparkly, fun memorials of lived events and everyday experiences. The energies from individual lives, full of emotions and doings, echo beyond our small stories into a larger, communal one. Butterflies, a symbol of the soul, flutter prominently through these pieces. The dead partied before you did, and you are part of the parade. Gracias todos artistas, artesanos, antepasados, y viajeros. I honor and give eternal gratitude to these cultures and traditions in making these Skeleton Boxes.

Similar sculpture work can be purchased at the Art Under $100 Event that is annually hosted by South Park Arts.

Muertos Coffee Donut - Sculpture

Muertos Coffee Donut

Muertos Plants - Sculpture

Muertos Plants

Muertos Fix-it - Sculpture

Muertos Fix-it

Muertos Dim-Sum - Sculpture

Muertos Dim-Sum

Muertos Sewing - Sculpture

Muertos Sewing

Muertos Cocktail Mixer - Sculpture

Muertos Cocktail Mixer

Muertos Chickens - Sculpture

Muertos Chickens

Muertos Cat and Flying Soul - Sculpture

Muertos Cat and Flying Soul

Muertos Dead Butterflies - Sculpture

Muertos Dead Butterflies

Muertos Red Butterfly Box - Sculpture

Muertos Red Butterfly Box

Muertos Silver Butterfly Box - Sculpture

Muertos Silver Butterfly Box



Muertos Small Skeleton Boxes

Muertos Small Skeleton Boxes

Muertos Skeleton Boxes

Muertos Skeleton Boxes

Muertos Skeletons in progress

Muertos Skeletons in progress

Muertos Cat - Sculpture

Muertos Cat

Muertos Alebrije Spider - Sculpture

Muertos Alebrije Spider

Muertos Alebrije Raven - Sculpture

Muertos Alebrije Raven

Muertos Alebrije Little Crow - Sculpture

Muertos Alebrije Little Crow

Muertos Alebrije in studio

Muertos Alebrije in studio

Muertos Alebrije Art Under $100

Muertos Alebrije Art Under $100